Being Occupied With God Lord, I Am Looking (Listening)
Oct 23

Text Isaiah 37:2-4

Are you tired? Weary from the labors of ministry? Exhausted from life's interactions. Have you become apathetic and impatient as you wait on the Lord answer to your delicate prayers and requests? 

How often do you sit and ponder the day when the Lord seeded you with a promise? You are ready to give birth to this surety of ministry and Kingdom design He has delivered into you! But you are weary, worn out, have no more strength to push one more step closer.

Do not give up! His promises are real, dynamic, and personal to each one. Do not let anyone intimidate you or speak negatively of you! His shield is about you, and you are about to give birth to His commitment in your life because you are highly favored of the Lord.



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