Oct 20

Matthew 6:25-27

You are valuable:
•You are a child of God
•You are the Bride of Christ
•You are an overcomer
•You are an ambassador
•You more than a conqueror
•You are the temple of the Holy Spirit
•You are established by His Word

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Sep 21

Text: Matthew 6:11-12 Forgiveness is paramount in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Keeping in mind always that the Father sent His Son, Jesus, to make it possible for forgiveness to be in our lives. We must forgive others so that we may not miss what the Lord has for us. 


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Aug 28

Text: Matthew 6:9-13

Speaking and explaining verse 10 of Matthew 6.

Understanding God's Kingdom.

Acknowledging what the scripture is detailing about His "Will" and the placement of His Kingdom now.


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Jul 12

Hebrews 4:11-13

God’s message diagnoses the needs of our hearts and points us to a solution.

His word reaches as far as to the most intimate and accurate knowledge of man’s most hidden parts, feelings, and thoughts, dividing, that is, distinguishing what is spiritual from what is carnal in him, the “spirit” from the “soul.”
Every one of us shall give an account to God.



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May 21

Text: Acts 2:1-4

The four distinct areas of prayer that we must be disciplined in as we build a life of prayer before the Lord. This text expresses agreement in prayer and establishes a platform for those in prayer to understand the power of prayer. The Holy Spirit is always ready to bring you into a miraculous encounter with God.




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Apr 07

2 Timothy 1:5-7

  1. Church in America seems to be at a stall, not knowing or just not responding to what to do next.
  2. This dwindles down to the local church.
  3. This character then becomes personal with those who make a body of believers

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Mar 10

Genesis 2:8-9; Genesis 2:15-17

Sown throughout the Bible is the prerequisite to believe. Realizing that through obedience we will be blessed beyond measure. The Bible never promises that we will have an easy road or a life that is candy cotton and amusement park existence. But it does promise us that we will have our needs provided for and have Eternal life. We shall never die!


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Sep 02

Text: Hebrews 7:25

If a man’s faith will not get him to church, it is doubtful if it will get him to heaven.

It benefits the individual with spiritual stability and growth. It benefits objectively by its positive effect on others.

Does the church “today” in this post church era know that we are earthen vessels that are carrying with us the treasure of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?


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May 25

Text: Isaiah 54:17

There are many weapons the enemy has in his arsenal to defeat you! His strategies are of centuries past and ancient in days, born to defeat you! The promise of the Lord! No weapon will ever have the victory against you! 

 The Lord brings us total victory!

The Lord is our victory!

We are valiant by the Hand of The Lord!



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Apr 25

Text: Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust is a word we hear spoken a lot! Trust: Defined as a firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; confidence or reliance on something in the future; Hope

Have trust in the Lord! Do not lean on what your reason states but what His Word states.


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