Apr 07

Luke 24:5-7

Humanity has been producing children since the beginning of time as it is recorded in the Bible.

No one has ever touched as many people like Jesus. Since the hovering of the Holy Spirit over Mary and then the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world, more people have been renewed, forgiven, set free, delivered, and saved by His presence and His name!

Billions upon billions have been saved.  There are still so many more to tell of the saving Grace of God through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

This is why this Sunday celebrated on different dates in March or April (usually April) remains so essential not to just heaven but humanity. He came to save the world not judge the world.


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Sep 02

Text: Hebrews 7:25

If a man’s faith will not get him to church, it is doubtful if it will get him to heaven.

It benefits the individual with spiritual stability and growth. It benefits objectively by its positive effect on others.

Does the church “today” in this post church era know that we are earthen vessels that are carrying with us the treasure of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?


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Mar 05

Luke 19:41

What has become of the weeping, the cry of the heart for the lost? Has the Church drawn a cold heart and a blind eye or maybe a blurred eye, to what is going on in this world?

Our nation, quit praying, and now seems to be walking from church to find something more pure and relative. Really, what has become of the sounds of repentance and the cry for lost souls in our nation?

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Mar 05

Acts 2:1-4

When we are in true community we will show the world that there is someone who can change there existing circumstances. Someone who is purposeful and meaningful to their soul. A change that will last for eternity, not just for a moment.That someone is Jesus! 

Community is not just a word on a sign or a crowd that goes to community meeting! Community is Christianity in its purest form with Jesus at its center!


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May 05

Text: Matthew 20:25-28

Three areas that will be addressed:

A. Love of God
B. Character of God’s Love in us
C. Serving others with that character of God’s Love

POINT: They wanted Him to be their king but He came to be their servant

POINT: Jesus served mankind in such a way that He was crucified for it. He came to serve not to be served!

As the Church we need to always know God’s love and how it is designed for our life. We must have the character of God’s love in us. Having that love active in us at all times. The act of serving others is as natural as breathing! These three areas of our relationship with God and also with others are pertinent to our reaching this world with the Gospel of Christ.


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Dec 28

Text: Mark 2:1-12

➢ Point: Jesus had just begun His public ministry!

➢ Point: He had only 4 disciples: Simon, Andrew, James and John.

➢ Point: Immediately crowds were gathering, whole cities came to see Him.

➢ Point: He now returns to His headquarters – Capernaum. 

It is time to get up, pick up and move forward! The Lord has brought forgiveness of sin and along with that the healing and the restoration needed. No more criticism or front row seats to watch the show! It is time to find the friend and bring him or her to the Lord even if it is so difficult it is beyond reason! Stop associating your reason with God’s ability to save! Stop finding comfort in the fact that “this is just how it is!” Pray for the lost and pray for your friends that belong to the family called “lost”. Do something about it, even if you got to climb to the roof and dig a hole in the roof to get them to Jesus!

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Jul 09

Text: Luke 8:4-8; Luke 8:11-15

In every detail of Kingdom work there is a warfare that involves those that are fully committed to the task of extending and advancing the Kingdom of God and the enemy who desires to stop the work of the Kingdom.

Victory comes when the sower chooses the (right) seed to sow into the right place and has patience to wait for the harvest.

As sowers of the seed (Word of God) we must place the seed as often as we can. Whether it lands on good soil or not will not be the concern of the sower but the concern of the receiver of the seed (soil). That is why a farmer prepares the soil so it will receive the seed and produce a harvest when nurtured and watered. Waiting for it to receive the early and latter rain.


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