Oct 09

Genesis 35:3


A place of your starting position with God  (Vision and the vow)

A place of worship

A place where negative associations are released from you

A place of revival of the most pleasant recollections


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Jun 24

Text: Psalm 16:11; 1 Thessalonians 2:19 

The pleasure of His presence! Those who commit themselves to God's care and submit themselves to God's guidance will find a blessed portion in Him. If we have the pleasures of His favor, we shall not fail to give Him the praise of it.

1. The hope of the faithful

2. The trust of the faithful

3. The surety of the faithful

4. The joy of the faithful



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Apr 25

Text: Mattew 21:1-11

The thoughts that so many ponder this week are deep and have wonders of the love of Jesus Christ! 

What He went through this upcoming week is indescribable, to say the least: Indescribable, in the fact that no man could have done this without being the Only Begotten Son of God.


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Mar 10

Matthew 21:1-11

This is a powerful scripture filled with truth and comparison as to what the people did when they came to worship Jesus. This is quite the seen that day! It even brought a criticism from the Pharisees about the people being so full of praise and making that praise known! Luke 19:39-40

Praise gives us a strength that we receive to break chains off of us. Often people come to church bound by their chains and they are comfortable with that. Chains will prevent your praise but praise will break your chains.


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Mar 05

Acts 2:1-4

When we are in true community we will show the world that there is someone who can change there existing circumstances. Someone who is purposeful and meaningful to their soul. A change that will last for eternity, not just for a moment.That someone is Jesus! 

Community is not just a word on a sign or a crowd that goes to community meeting! Community is Christianity in its purest form with Jesus at its center!


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